Community Outreach

Community Outreach: 

Familia de Gladiatores, FGK, actively participates in the local parade circuit with the Gasparilla Krewe community in the greater Tampa Bay area.  The parade season begins in January and runs through April each year and is attended by all full members of the organization and open to the general public.  Participation in the parades is funded by private or corporate sponsors that share the desire to spread the FGK message to the community.  FGK’s participation in the parade scene provides an opportunity to spread their message of hope and recruit dynamic individuals to assist with their cause.

Throughout the year FGK works with local charities to assist individuals that have lost hope and need the support of an extended family that will not judge but only wish to encourage and guide them back to a functioning role in society.  The charities are selected locally throughout the greater Tampa Bay area as needs are identified.   FGK sets a goal for all members to achieve their victim advocacy certification permitting direct access to the individuals in protective shelters and often in greatest need of support.

FGK extends their support to the community by offering support in the form of personal interaction, physical labor and financial donations.  Fundraising efforts are ongoing throughout the year to help make a difference in others’ lives and living situations.   Fundraising activities are often tied with social events to collect goods or money to support our cause while spreading our message and educating the general public of our mission.

Fundraising and serving the local community  furthers our exempt purposes is by providing free services and resources to victims who are committed to a life free of oppression, addiction, depression, physical and mental abuse, isolation, or any of the innumerable physical and psychological challenges that our target demographic experience. In order to establish effective and long-lasting relationships with our community members, all members are encouraged to complete formal training provided by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence for volunteers.


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