Live the Green Dot

Familia de Gladiatores are a family of supportive people, who work toward a common goal of improving the human condition. This is accomplished by working to spread awareness in the community and by making the personal choice to become, “Up-standers.”

“Up-Standing” is a choice to not stand by and be a bystander that does nothing in the witness of violent acts, but rather to act in a safe and positive manner to change the outcome of situations before the violence takes place. As self-proclaimed Gladiatores, our motto, “With courage comes freedom” stands firmly with that of facilitating healing and empowerment to those who have been in destructive situations. What better way to combat that violence then by being up-standers who change outcomes, by assisting in educating those around us.

We support not only other local organizations within our communities, but a national organization called Green Dot, etc. They work to educate groups on how to become an “Up-stander.” Together we can make a difference in our local communities, all with a common desire to make world-wide social change. If you see our Krewe members wearing Green Dots, ask us why? We want to share this simple concept with as many of those who want to hear us. Together we can make change, so let’s start with Tampa Bay!
For more information about Green Dot, etc., check out Remember, “Family is not always about a bloodline, but rather a circle of people connected by love, respect and a genuine desire to improve the human condition.”

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