Symbolism: The Familia de Gladiatores insignia is associated with several meanings, the most important of which elevates freedom to the ideal that is at the core of a civilized society: Freedom from physical or emotional harm, freedom to reclaim your self-worth, and the freedom to take those skills – with the support ofFamilia de Gladiatores – to build the life that you deserve.  This freedom is symbolized by the Rudis, or wooden sword that was awarded to the victor Gladiator in ancient times, to represent his status transition from a slave to a free man.

The name, Familia was chosen to identify with the spirit and support of a healthy family bond.  Familia de Gladiatores recognizes that family is not always about a blood line, but rather a circle of people connected by love, respect and a genuine desire to improve the human condition.

Ancient Gladiatores were slaves and other socially marginalized individuals forced to entertain audiences in violent, often barbaric confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals and criminals.

Gladiatores did not live long lives, most dying by the age of 30, and those that fought valiantly and successfully for many years, were awarded a Rudis, a wooden sword symbolizing the gladiator’s newly granted freedom

The wings, also a symbol of freedom, represent one’s desire to rise above challenges, and further, embody hope, enlightenment, guidance and protection from evil. These character traits have often been stolen from a survivor of abuse, but they are characteristics that can be learned and perfected with a commitment to a change in your circumstances and belonging to a strong support group.

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